Welcome to Sharratt Water Management Ltd. (SWML).   

We are dedicated to working with municipal financial and water managers to put their water and wastewater systems on a long-run sustainable, equitable and publicly acceptable financial and environmental base. SWML has carried out numerous projects, over the past 15 years, for many utilities across Ontario in the water and wastewater sector. These projects have dealt with water and wastewater rate setting, rate smoothing, full cost life cycle financial plan development (as per the MOE guidelines and SWSSA), water service fee development, water rate by-law formulation, water efficiency potential assessment and other related projects designed to make systems more sustainable.

At SWML, we understand that water managers are facing challenging times. New provincial government drinking water safety legislation and regulations require utilities to prepare life-cycle asset management plans and develop full cost water and wastewater rates and associated financial plans as part of the licensing process.

The province has also implemented legislation and regulations that water conservation practices will be reviewed when a utility renews its permit to take water. A number of elements of a provincial water efficiency strategy have been developed, including the Water Opportunities and Water Conservation Act. This will require, when regulations are published, the development of a sustainable management plan that will comprise a number of items including financial plans and water conservation plans. Participation by all water utilities can be anticipated. In addition, the public is interested in green approaches including water conservation and more conservation- oriented water rates.

We assist you in meeting these challenges by providing the following services aimed at making your system sustainable financially and environmentally:

Our approach is to work closely with you to ascertain your long-range asset, financial and water management objectives that are in line with provincial policy, legislation and regulations. Our practical common-sense options are based on knowledge of what has been done before and what is underway currently in Ontario and across North America. We understand that developing financial plans, water efficiency plans and full cost user rates requires a flexible approach tailored to the needs of your particular utility. Sufficient time is provided, in any review study, to ensure that the final plan meets the needs of the utility, municipal management and the public. We take great pride in investing the time and effort to produce a successful solution. Our goal is to work with repeat satisfied clients.

Firm’s Principal

The firmís principal is Ken Sharratt, Ph.D. Dr. Sharratt has over forty years of research, policy and program development experience, including 25 years in the Ontario government, where he worked for the in a number of ministries including the Ministry of Natural Resources, and the Ontario Clean Water Agency. His experience includes twenty-three years in water conservation and rate development. He has made over 20 presentations at a number of professional conferences in Canada, the US and China. He has carried out numerous projects for municipalities across Ontario. He received a B.Sc. from the University of Manitoba in mathematics, physics and chemistry, and a Ph.D. from the University of Western Ontario. He is a past chair of the Ontario Water Works Water Efficiency Committee, a member of the Ontario Water Works Association, a member of the American Water Works Association and a member of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants.