How Efficient is Your System?
Article published in Pipeline, the Ontario Waterworks Association Newsletter, April 2000 edition.
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Presentations and Publications

Canadian Water and Wastewater Association – Ottawa, Ontario October 18, 2011. Presentation made entitled Full Cost Water Rates, Rate Design and Implications for Water Conservation/Revenue Stability.

Ontario Water Works Association Annual Conference – Collingwood, Ontario May 2011. Presentation made entitled Future water user fee projections in Ontario Municipality’s six year Financial Plans prepared according to Reg. 453/07.

Ontario Water Works Association Annual Conference – Collingwood, Ontario May 2011. Presentation made in a water efficiency workshop entitled Water Rates, Water Conservation, Revenue and the Financial Stability.

American Water Works (AWWA) 2010 Annual Conference and Exposition – Chicago, Illinois, June 23 2010. Presentation at the rates workshop entitled Long Term Financially Sustainable Drinking Water Systems in Ontario.

Ontario Water Works/Ontario Municipal Water Association Annual Conference – Windsor, Ontario May 4 2010. Presentation made entitled Long Term Implications of Implementing a Reg. 453/07 Compliant Financial Plan in a Small Ontario Municipality.

Ontario Water Works Association Small Systems Workshop – Barrie, Ontario, April 22, 2010. Made plenary presentation entitled Rates and Sustainability Issues for Small Drinking Water Systems.

Georgian Bay Water Works Semi Annual Conference – Deerhurst, Ontario, April 14, 2010. Presentation made to a plenary session entitled Future Water System Financial Sustainability – A Small System Study.

Canadian Water Meter Summit – Toronto, Ontario, February 2, 2010. Made presentation entitled Water Revenue Protection Practices.

Eastern Ontario Waterworks Association Annual Conference – October 21, 2009. Made presentation to the conference plenary entitled Revenue Protection Practices for water systems.

AWWA 2001 Annual Conference and Exposition – Washington, D.C., June 2001. Paper presented entitled The Influence of Water Meter Installation on Residential Water Use in Canada.

Joint OWWA/OMWA Conference – Toronto, Ontario, May 2001. Paper entitled Water Efficiency, Good Management, and Improved Customer Confidence presented.

Pipeline – Article published in the December 2000 edition of Pipeline, the newsletter of the Ontario Water Works Association entitled Do Water Meters Improve Water Efficiency?

Western Canada Water and Wastewater Association 2000 Conference – Winnipeg, Manitoba, November 7-8, 2000. Presented two papers: Do Water Meters Work in Canada"? And "How Efficient is Your Water System in Canada?

Pipeline – Article published in the April 2000 edition of Pipeline, the newsletter of the Ontario Water Works Association entitled How Efficient is Your Water System?

Joint OWWA/OMWA Conference – Ottawa, Ontario, June 1999 – presented a paper that demonstrated the significant capital savings that were achieved by metering and fixture replacement in a small Ontario Town.

AWWA Conserve 99 Water Conservation Conference – Monterey California, February 1999 – presented a paper that determined $2 million in capital savings had been achieved by a recent water conservation project undertaken in a small Ontario town.

Canadian Society of Civil Engineers Water Efficiency Workshop – Ottawa, Ontario, October 1996 – gave the keynote speech to the workshop made up of Canadian and Chinese experts.

American Water Works Association International Conference – Toronto, June, 1996 – gave a Paper and chaired a panel session. Also organized and hosted the boat cruise and social evening for the 150 members of the AWWA Water Conservation Committee.

Joint OWWA/OMWA Conference – London, April 1996 – chaired two workshop sessions.

Canadian Water Resources Association Workshop – Toronto, 1995 – presented Ontario's water efficiency strategy and provided an overview of recent initiatives.

Canadian Society of Civil Engineers and the Chinese Hydrologic Engineering Society Water Efficiency Workshop – Beijing, China, 1994 – presented a paper dealing with Ontario water efficiency and participated in the discussions at a two day workshop on water efficiency.

Northern Ontario Env. Conference – Sault Ste. Marie, 1994 – presented a paper setting out Ontario's initiatives in water conservation.

First National Conference on Water Efficiency – Winnipeg, 1993 – organized a workshop on commercial organization water efficiency and organized a second workshop on industrial water efficiency. Also presented a paper dealing with Ontario's water conservation program in a third workshop session.