Rate by-laws are normally developed or revised when water meter installation projects are undertaken, or new rates developed. A rate by-law enacts rules and regulations for the installation, repair, maintenance and access to water meters, backflow preventers and other related equipment, and lists the water and wastewater rates for the municipality.

Sharratt Water Management Ltd. develops a comprehensive rate by-law that will include the following:

  • Accordance with the Ontario Municipal Act 2001
  • Include provisions of installation, repair, maintenance and ownership of a water meter and related equipment
  • Set out provisions for allocating water, setting different rates for different users etc.
  • Define the procedures for dealing with non-payment of a bill
  • Make provision for dealing with uncollected fees
  • Establish procedures for dealing with meter testing, replacement etc.
  • Set out a schedule of rates, connection fees and various other fees.